Monday, March 30, 2009

i love my friends

I came home from work today and was greeted by this huge box! Getting mail is the best! And Emily is the only one that I ever get anything fun from. She sent me the coolest sewing box full of everything I will ever need! My favorite are the black and white face buttons! SO COOL! You always make me feel so special. Thanks Em you are the best!

Then my friend Lacey and I were treated to a Jazz game by our friend Janette. Janette's birthday and mine are 2 days apart so we went out to celebrate. We got to go to the VIP dinner and had sweet seats on the 18th row! It was so much fun! Janette you spoiled us! Thank you so much!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

i love him

Marc treated me to a wonderful date night for my birthday. We started out with dinner...

Then we were off to Kingsbury Hall to see Odyssey Dance Utah perform the ballet Giselle. This was a modern take of the ballet that was originally performed in Paris in 1841. It was awesome! Marc was so thoughtful and creative to come up with this idea!

Marc got really sick of me taking picture after picture. He curses digital cameras.

Thank you for such a sweet birthday gift babe! I sure do love you!

I'm a Genius

Leaky Shampoo + Favorite Tote Bag + Washing Machine=


So Marc comes in after the fact and says, "Well I thought you would have rinsed the bag out before putting it in the washer."
It took 3 rinse cycles to get rid of the suds that I couldn't scoop out. They just kept multiplying!
After all of this, the bag ended up in the garbage anyway.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Winter Wonderland

Last weekend we snowmobiled into my parents cabin. My mom and dad went down earlier that week along with my sister Missy and her family. It was beautiful! The sun shined outside and we were cozy by the fire inside. We did nothing but lounge on the couch, play Phase 10, watch movies, take naps, read books and EAT!!! Missy and mom were fabulous chefs. We ate better at the cabin than we ever eat at home. It was wonderful.

I love how the snow slides off the roof and creates a wall. You can barely see the cabin!

Thank you Mom and Dad for this beautiful cabin that we have to visit. Thank you Missy and Kent for being the winter cabin pros! We would never be able to go in without you!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Moab Quickie

This weekend Me Don and Joe made a quick run to Moab and Goblin Valley here are a few pics from this adventure.