Friday, July 31, 2009

Stewart Falls

My family decided to go for a hike to Stewart Falls last weekend. It was so HOT(not to mention the extra poundage I've so easily gained) that we were glad to be able to cool off in the water.

Ok, so the water was REALLY cold but it still felt good!

It was a beautiful hike with amazing scenery everywhere that we looked!

New Home Sweet Home

We moved! We were sad to give up on our old, little house. But everything just kind of fell into place with the new house and we felt like it was meant to be. Marc has done a beautiful job of remodeling our old house (pictures will be saved for another day when we can show the finished product) and we hope that someone will move in and love it as much as we did.
We are currently enjoying our new digs with closet space, air conditioning and a DISHWASHER!

Sunday, July 19, 2009


We took a last minute roadtrip to Montana this weekend to deliver my friend Cort and her cute boys to Omi and Kug's house (Cort's parents).

They live in Big Arm and have a beautiful home with amazing views of Flathead Lake.
We loved being able to "help Cort out" but really we feel spoiled to have been able to spend the night in such a beautiful place with such wonderful people.

While I was there I found a scruffy Montana man by the name of Ed. He was so handsome I couldn't keep my hands off him all night.

We had to make this a quick trip but we stopped at the Cherry Festival in Polson and hung out for the morning. Marc grew up visiting Flathead Lake where his grandparents lived and had a cherry orchard. Marc was so excited to get fresh Montana grown cherries that we bought five pounds so he could bring some home for his family.

I have always been a picky eater and had never actually even tried a cherry. I know, I'm ridiculous. I figured that there was no better time to give it a try and I was pleasantly surprised!
But more than the cherries,I LOVED the cherry Lemonade!

Also on the way home we made a point to stop in Butte. What does Butte have to offer you might ask? Well Marc has raved for years about Pork Chop John's and we have never actually gone there. We looked it up and Marc claims it was as good as ever. As for me, I am not big on pork chops or sandwiches and I had already tried one exotic food that day so I stuck to eating his french fries.

Marc is a great chauffeur. He drove the entire 20 hours while Cort and I chatted in the back and then on the way home I tried to keep up conversation but would often drift off into a little nap. He really is the best. So as you can see, we made the most of our little trip. We had a great time and would do it all over again!

Thursday, July 16, 2009


My sister Steph invited me to go on a roadtrip with her and her boys to Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone. We stayed in Jackson Hole the first night where Tanner was asked to be in the "Shootout" in the street. He was so cute and did a great job!We also found some pregnant art in Jackson so why not stop and imitate?
Tanner (9) and Carson (5) were mostly good boys with a few minor disagreements. Carson can be quite the little drama queen but it made for some good laughs. Steph has trained these boys well on how to smile for the camera. One second they would be screaming at each other and all you had to do was tell them you were gonna take a picture and on came those photogenic little smiles. Here they are at Jenny Lake right before our hike to Hidden Falls

Hidden Falls

Then we were off to Yellowstone!
We stayed at the famous Old Faithful Inn
Which just happens to be right across from Old Faithful
The geyser in the background is Beehive Geyser. We were lucky to see it go off because it is unpredictable and can go up to 5 days without doing anything.
The boys worked hard to earn their Jr. Ranger patches but we would have had to see every aspect of Yellowstone and we only had 2 days. But we still participated in in some fun Ranger chats and visited the Junior Ranger Station.

After dinner we decided to go see the waterfalls. It was getting dark, hence the dark photos, but they were beautiful none the less.

Our last night we stayed in the Lake Yellowstone Hotel. It was beautiful and our room looked out over Lake Yellowstone.

As you can see we took A TON of pictures and had A TON of fun! Thanks Taylor's I love you!

Hey Look 99 days of Pregnancy on the wall

Friday, July 3, 2009

A Few Words On Pregancy

-I have never had to use so many public restrooms IN MY LIFE! YUCK!
-Is my face having a baby? Why is it so large?
-Sneezing... you know what happens!
-Hormones and emotional breakdowns: please know that when this happens that this is not the real me. My brain has been taken over by a crazy person and after crying myself to sleep I WILL regret my behavior in the morning.
But most importantly
-I LOVE feeling this little guy move! It is so amazing to me.

Magically Delicious!

This little beauty has been nothing but bliss! Marc has become quite the smoothie extraordinaire with the Magic Bullet! I have enjoyed a smoothie almost everyday since Marc's birthday. And the best part is that I haven't had to make a single one!Such a great treat for a hot summer day!