Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Big Trains

Marc is now working nights and his days off are Monday and Tuesday.  He is also working in Ogden.  Monday he decided that we should take the boys to the Union Station Train Museum in Ogden.

Ogden has these horses all over town and each one is painted differently.  They are pretty cool!

Right out of the car we spotted the Big Trains!  Too bad there were signs everywhere saying "Do NOT Climb on Train. "  Griffin wanted to go INSIDE the train and was pretty sad when we told him that we couldn't.  Luke does not like to be hot and he said he wanted to go home after only 5 minutes of arriving. 
The steamy on the right was HUGE!

I think this one was my favorite.  So cute and vintagey!
So after we checked out the big trains that were outside, we headed in for the station and once we stepped inside and peaked into the museum we made the decision that it probably wasn't the best place for 2 crazy little boys.  It looked like it was more appropriate for an old man with a bunch of model trains in his basement.  By this time the boys were hungry for lunch and hot from being outside so we headed back toward home.  Well Griffin was ticked because he thought that he was gonna go and be able to play with lots of trains... not true, but once we bribed him with some french fries he lifted his spirits!
Inside the station

Here is Ez just hanging out and enjoying the shade

So even though we didn't actually go in the museum or "play" with any trains, Griffin said, "IT WAS AWESOME!"  So that made the long drive and cranky kiddos worth it!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Wonder Years Academy Summer Camp

I signed the boys up for a little summer camp to help them have fun this summer because we are stuck at home a lot with the new baby.  They went Monday- Friday for one week for 1.5 hours.  (It's amazing how quickly 1.5 hours goes by when they are gone!)  They had a great time and there was a different theme each day. The first week was Fantasy Fun Week where they pretended to be something different each day. 
They started out with the boys as Knights and the girls were princesses.
Griffin and Andie are the best of friends!  Luke is kinda the 3rd wheel.  Griffin says he's gonna marry Andie and Luke says he's gonna marry me!  So it will all be fine in the end!

Another day was monster day!  
They also had pirates and fairies day and super heroes day but I forgot to take pictures.  
To finish off the week they were Gnomes and Fairies.   
These expressions kill me!  The boys made little gnome homes and the girls had fairies in a jar.  The gnomes and fairies glow in the dark so the boys couldn't wait to see them glow!

Luke's little gnome home
 After the last day of camp Kiley and I took the kids up to the Alpine Splash Pad in an attempt to entertain the crazies without melting in the heat.   We had a good time!
Here are Griff and Luke shooting each other with the water guns.  I like this place because the splash pad is pretty small and it's easy to keep track of your kids!

Warming up on the concrete

The next week of camp was called "Adventures in Reading."  They read a different book each day and made a craft that went along with it.  Some of the books were Knuffle Bunny, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Horton Hears a Who and the other two I can't remember.  

Unfortunately for Griffin he got stung by a wasp on the last day.  It stung his forehead and his finger. The teachers said that he was very brave.  He was fine that day but the next morning he woke up with a swollen forehead and eye.  The next day was worse it had moved into his other eye and down his nose.  

Poor Swollen guy.  Don't mind the chocolate milk mustache.  This was the first day.  
He looked like a dinosaur with his eyes all sunken in and his nose swollen.  I'm so glad that he is ok now and that he didn't have any allergic reaction.