Sunday, March 24, 2013

March On...

So I guess I'll start with March and try to stay caught up.  If I get a chance I'll try to go back and get the last few months...

So here we go.  Since my only camera right now is my phone that's all I have to go off of.  As I look back, I can see that my boys like to wear their jammies with many different accessories...

Yes this was taken in March and Griffin is sporting his reindeer jams. His favorite!

This one of Luke was the night before St. Patrick's Day.  At our house this day is also known as St. Griffin Patrick's Day and Gene Blickenstaff Day.  
I started a little nightly ritual with our boys a few months back.  We call it a "flashlight party." Before bed we turn off all the lights and turn on music and dance around with flash lights.  Sometimes they get glow sticks and on this particular night Marc found some Irish tunes for us to dance around to.  Although the flashlight party was very popular for about the first 3 months, it's excitement has worn off in the last month.  Oh, well. It was fun while it lasted!

So on St. Patrick's Day morning we had a little leprechaun visit us.  He left a trail of green M&M's and brought Lucky Charms for breakfast.  He even dyed our milk green and left green pee in our toilet... so I found out that Griff is still to young to "get" what was going on.  We'll maybe try again next year.

Oh, and as soon as Griffin had picked out all the marshmallows from his lucky charms, he was done.

We have been loving the warmer weather that we were spoiled with in the last couple of weeks!  We've been playing outside and going on walks and the boys have been sleeping like champs because they play so hard!  It is awesome!
This is one of my favorite views.  Griffin runs full speed behind this dump truck any time we go on a walk.  Sometimes he hops like a bunny while pushing it too.  Oh I love this kid!
We even made it up to the zoo.  Luke wasn't really interested in any animals.  He was super interested in walking through mass amounts of people and running away from us though.  That kid is a little too independent sometimes.  He's definitely a handful!
Cort got us in with her season pass. It pays to be the "guest" and Marc just posed as her husband... slightly dishonest, yes. And I owe her for all of these photos.  Here we are with our gaggle of children!

Griffin enjoys the animals a little more each time we go.  It's really fun to watch him.  

So when it's not warm outside we have to get creative.  The boys love to go to Cabela's to see the animals and fish.  We decided to explore Scheel's also.   Griffin calls Scheels our "Black Bear Date."  We try to get him excited by asking him if he wants to go on a date.  He loves that the animal display makes animal noises.   
Sometimes it's hard to tell who's who from behind.

Loving all the photo ops at this place.

And the faces in this one say it all!  This is how most of our outings end up!  It's exhausting for everyone!

Luke looks so much like my dad to me.  Especially when he's grumpy. Ha!
So, nothing major this month.  Except that I updated the blog finally!

Monday, March 18, 2013

It's Been Way Too Long and I Don't Know Where to Begin

So let it be known that in February of the year Two Thousand and Thirteen we had some photos taken and they turned out kinda cute.  

Now, to play catch up on the last 5 months and attempt to stay up to date?  We'll see...

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hoard no More

Before and After of the Craft Room
I had to move everything out of the craft room to start organizing it.  The hoard took over our bedroom!

Marc acquired these cabinets from a remodel that his dad did in Salt Lake.

Here is Marc installing shelves in my closet

Attempting to organize my ribbon obsession!

Awesome ribbon holder that Marc made for me!

And finally the after!  I love this room so much now that it is actually functional!

This desk was made from a long piece of cabinet that Marc also got from the remodel.  He custom cut it for me.  Then I covered it with a thin batting and fabric and put a sheet of acrylic over the top.