Monday, February 28, 2011

Boy Oh Boy!

Is this inappropriate to post? Oh, well!
Isn't this the coolest picture? Most babies are all crunched up, but this one was showing us what he's got! I can't believe how much I love this picture! From his cute foot right up to that little round bum! I already wanna squeeze it!
We are thrilled to be having another little guy around here. I can already picture Griff and his little bro playing together.
I also have fears of the teenage years...
Marc has a brother pretty close in age. Apparently they liked to beat the crap out of each other and his mom would call the police and make them sit on the curb in handcuffs... awesome!
Thank goodness I have a while until I need to worry about that!
I'm still feeling great! Just large and in charge, but I was that way before the pregnancy, so what else is new?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Romantical Weekend

My fantastic husband treated me to a night away in the big SLC for Valentine's day. We dropped Griffin off at my mom's and the night was ours. We had a reservation for dinner at PF Changs but we got there too late. I have been craving this for about a month and had my heart set on it. The next available reservation was for 8:30 pm so we took it, and went for a little pre-dinner snack.
This little, teeny, tiny place is awesome! We had the "torpedo, " which is a Belgium waffle with dark chocolate in the middle and a side of ice cream.
It was delicious and we can't wait to go back to try the frites!
After we checked into our hotel we walked down to PF Changs and my mouth was already watering. Unfortunately, my pregnant mind had a much bigger appetite than my stomach and we didn't even come close to eating half of the food that we ordered. Marc kept saying, "Lets just share something." I really should have listened. We were so stuffed that we practically rolled out of the restaurant.
This picture is 50% real baby 50% food baby
It was so great to sleep in and just mosey around the next morning. We went to breakfast and then spent a good 4 hours at the Gateway. After all that shopping we needed some sustenance. So, we braved the smelly food court. Any confined space with that many different kinds of food is bound to stink!
Marc was double fisting it with a cheese dog and a corn dog
I realize that from the pictures that we took it appears that all we did was eat! Well, obviously that was a huge part of our weekend, but we had such a great time chatting while we ate!
Plus I'm not gonna tell you about the good stuff anyway :)
It was nice not revolving our day around our little Griff's schedule. And we even got to take a nap of our own!
The first words out of my mom's mouth when we walked in the door were, "Well, I can see why you needed a break!"
My sweetheart surprised me with these beautiful flowers that were delivered on Valentine's Day. Flowers are awesome, flowers that are delivered just make me feel extra special!
Thanks babe for a wonderful and relaxing weekend. I love you OH SO VERY MUCH! I am the luckiest!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Walking! and other stuff

That's right! About 5 days after I told you Griffin wasn't walking it happened... and man he didn't just start out with a few steps. We're talking, he pretty much just up and walked across the room the first time! And he's been NON-STOP ever since! The funny thing is that his crawling speed has gone double time, so when he's really in a hurry (to get away from me) he drops to his knees and he is off!

Just chillin with dad, watching some Sunday football. Notice the golfball in his hand... he rarely lets it go, except for to throw it and run and pick it up again.

Sharing a smoothie with dad. As you can see, he's learned to ham it up for the camera.

Playing with cousins. He loved the doll house!

Don't worry, he only played with Ken and still had a ball in his hand... so he was masculinely playing with dolls.

LOVE LOVE LOVE what I see in my rearview mirror now! Griffin is finally big enough to be in a bigger carseat. I know that you are supposed to leave them rear facing until they are a certain weight, but this thing would not strap in securely to my car if it was rear facing, so we thought it would be safer to have it in there nice and tight.

And finally, brace face scored herself a date! We went bowling, by ourselves, and had a blast!