Thursday, May 26, 2011


Griffin and I ventured up to Layton to visit Cort. While we were there, we made a trek to the park... probably not a trek for most people, but it was up hill and I am 7 1/2 months pregnant. Griffin had a good time exploring. And, no I don't think that a onesie works as a shirt. He had on long sleeves and it was just too hot so we stripped off a layer.
I love this girl and her skinny little collar bone

Meanwhile, back at the South House we have been doing lots of yard work. Marc has been working hard to get the backyard ready for sod. Too bad that we didn't get it in before it rained for a week and turned all of his hard work into a mud puddle. Griffin had a blast on the tractor with dad and just kept saying "tractoo, tractoo, tractoo" over and over again the entire time!
Last Saturday we worked in the front yard. This is our first time planting flowers and we really didn't know what we were doing so we are just praying that they thrive and fill up our flower beds this summer. My poor sister Missy got roped into helping us when she came over for me to help HER with a project. She ended up getting down and dirty with us and made it go so much faster! Not to mention, she helped me figure out how to arrange everything. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of her, but she was the cutest and best dressed gardener that you've ever seen! Thanks Miss!

It's still a work in progress, we need to get some bark and a few more flowers and then I'll post a picture of the finished product. I can say that nothing has died...yet!

All of the hard work in the yard has really worn us out! Luckily we are blessed with one of the best sleepers on the planet, or at least we think he's the best! He takes a 3.5- 4 hour nap everyday, goes to bed around 7:30 and usually sleeps about 11-12 hours every night! I'm enjoying it while it lasts because I know that there are gonna be a lot of sleepless nights with a newborn right around the corner.
A little more about Griffin, he is AWESOME! He is so smart and isn't afraid to tell you so. For example.
Me: "Griffin where is your nose" (or eye, hair, head, ear... the list goes on)
Griffin: Points and says the word
Me: "Good Job Griffin!"
Griffin: "Mmmmmaaaart!"
It is so funny and cracks me up! He knows all of his body parts and it is so funny to hear him say them. Every time he points to his belly button he also follows it with a "beep beep." He loves belly buttons and points them out every chance he gets. Like on people magazine at the grocery store. He also points to my belly and says "Baby!" It's so adorable!
He knows all barnyard animals and the sound that they make. My favorite is piggy because he says "a-hynk." Griffin still loves horses on t.v. or in a book, but is absolutely terrified of them in real life.
He will finish some of the words to songs like Wheels on the Bus and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.
He loves busses and is always pointing them out on the road.
He just talks non stop all day long and I love it!
He is a horrible eater. He lives on juice and milk and if we are lucky some cheerios and goldfish crackers. He only eats things that are crunchy. Oh, and dog food. Sick I know! But he is always sneaking it out of Ruka's dish and it makes me gag, especially when his breath smells like it! Hey, it's his only source of protein but I still don't let him get away with it.
He RUNS everywhere, never walks. And will repeat most anything we ask him to except for "I love you." The kid WILL NOT SAY IT! He hears it all day long but refuses to say it back. Oh well. I'm writing all of this for my own sake... so kudos if you're still reading!

We got together with the South Family to place Marc's sister, Carrie's headstone. Carries kids designed it, Wendi engraved the granite, Jeff set it in the concrete and everybody helped place it. Carrie passed away last year and we have been looking forward to placing this in memory of her. We always get together on Mother's day at the cemetery and let balloons go for Marc's mom and for Carrie. It is a great tradition and way to celebrate these women that we love!



I love these handsome boys of mine!


And of course we are still working on the nursery and getting everything ready for our sweet baby to join us! It is coming together and I am excited to be done, with the nursery and the pregnancy!
32 Weeks!

Thursday, May 5, 2011


The 3rd trimester is here!

We are working on the nursery and it is turning out awesome! Hopefully we can wrap it up this weekend. I wish that I could clone Marc so that he could be working on the nursery and the backyard at the same time. I made him stay up until 1:00 a.m. last Saturday, working on the nursery, which resulted in him getting a migraine. Sorry Babe! I will feel so much better when they are both done!

This pregnancy has flown by! I can't believe that I only have 10 weeks (or maybe 7-8) left... Griffin came early so I'm really hoping that I don't have to see the month of July as a pregnant woman!