Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Ezra's First Birthday, Luke's 4th Birthday, Marc's 35th Birthday!

This adorable hunk of a baby turned one!


This adorable hunk of a boy turned 4!

 I love to throw a big birthday party for my baby's first birthday, but this year was extra special because sweet Ezra was born on Marc's birthday so we had to go big time.  With Luke's birthday being less than 2 weeks away, we had one massive birthday bash!



We like try to treat all of our guests to a sugar coma.  I made the sugar cookies and favors, my mom made the cupcakes and I hired out the amazing cake.
I made these little VW Buses with my cricut and put them on the favor boxes.  They were filled with treats for our guests.

The surfboard and VW Bus Cookies were definitely a time consuming test for my patience.  I learned how to do glace icing and they turned out pretty cute!

I count 14 kids in this picture... I think we may have reached the 10 foot pool capacity!

We had 30 kids and 26 adults all crammed into our backyard!  Our closest friends and family were there and we are so glad that they endured the heat to party with us!

Pinata Line Up
Most Handsomest Pinata Man

Finally, Marc got sick of nobody breaking the dang thing, (the zip tie broke several times) that he helped it out a little and scattered the candy around.

Cake Time!

Ezra was asleep up to this point in the party and really wasn't interested in his cake, 

But Luke saw his opportunity and snuck some frosting!
Then when he noticed that he was being filmed, he wasn't happy and punched the phone out of McKell's hand!  He is so fierce and I see this face on the daily with Luke.

Apparently, when I went in the house to cut the cake for the family, Luke decided to clean up Ezra's tray with his foot. 

I am so glad that Ashlee got these pictures!  I didn't even know that this happened until I got to look at the pictures.  Typical Luke behavior happening here!
The Birthday Dudes!
I can't even put into words how much I love and adore these 4 boys.  They are the best thing that has ever happened to me!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Griffin's 5th Birthday

How is it possible that this boy is five?  Here he is before church wearing the suit that Aunt Steph handed down to us.  I was so excited that he finally fit into it!  He looked so handsome!

Marc did some creative landscaping in honor of Griffin's birthday week!

Griffin loved it so much and used it as a race track for his bike.  He watched Marc from our bedroom window and yelled, " Oh yeah Dad!  That is awesome!"

We had a camping theme birthday party for Griffin.  

We had plans to have a campfire in the mountains but it was an incredibly rainy weekend and we didn't want to risk getting rained out.  So we decided to move the party to our backyard.  

Marc was our hot dog chef!

We are so lucky to have a big family that came to celebrate with us!

After hot dogs we had a s'mores bar.  I made s'mores cupcakes and we had sterno set up for easy marshmallow roasting. 

Unfortunately, the wind picked up and the sterno wasn't working out too well, but luckily we had the fire pit to roast our mallows!

 Then it was on to the gifts!  Griffin got so many fun gifts and was definitely overwhelmed by all of the fun new toys!

 The weather quickly made a turn for the worse and we ended up moving the party inside for cake and ice cream.

I made this cake!  This is the first time that I have ever attempted to make a theme cake.  I have pinterest to thank for the idea and the tutorial.  I made a 3 layer cake with chocolate buttercream frosting.  It felt pretty awesome to make this whole thing from scratch.  The snout and the ears are made from rice krispie treats that I shaped and then frosted.  It was a ton of work but turned out so cute and Griffin loved it.  Best part was that it great too!

Of course I  had to buy this shirt for Luke!  It was way too perfect for our theme and his personality!

Our little party of five!

Since we already had the party and we celebrated Griff's birthday early, we decided to make his actual birthday special by taking him on a date.  

He chose JCW's for dinner so he could have his favorite grilled cheese and french fries. 

Then we were off to Target to spend his birthday money. 

And of course he picked a noisy firetruck!  He loves it and sleeps with it under his bed!
 Happy Birthday Griffin!  You are the coolest kid.  We love you to the moon and back!