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Man, He's Cute

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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Griffin Patrick South

Here's the story
Weighing in at a Whopping 5lbs 1oz he was born at 11:05am Friday Oct. 2 2009. It was a fairly quick process for all involved. Lindey's water broke at about 3:30am Friday morning, but since she wasn't having any contractions we took our time getting out the door. We made it to the hospital at about 4:45am. Once there the nurses checked her and verified that her water had indeed broken they admitted her and started pitocin. At first Lindsey wasn't feeling the contractions but they were showing up on the monitor. Gradually the contractions started getting bigger and closer, so she called for the epidural. It turns out just in time because the anesthesiologist was on his way to a c-section. The nurse noticed that every time Lindsey had a contraction that the heart rate on the baby would drop considerably, so we were all worried about it, but they were all watching carefully and were ready for anything, they didn't up the dose of pitocin anymore, but Lindsey didn't need it anyway. They gave Lindsey some oxygen to help the baby and did an amnioinfusion to give the baby some cushion these helped a little but there were still large drops in the heart rate. The nurse checked Lindsey and said she dilated to about 5. Not too long later Lindsey told the nurse she could feel some pressure and the nurse checked her again and said WHOA! you are at 10! it had been less than an hour sin she had checked her at 5. She said she needed another nurse to confirm since it had gone so fast. Yup sure enough she was a 10! The nurse called the Dr. and he said to have give a practice push to see how long it was going to take. We waited for the next contraction, pushed for one, ten count and started on the next she didn't make it very far into it before the nurse said, STOP, STOP, we need the Dr. this baby is ready to come out. We watched the Dr. walk casually across the parking lot and then come in and get ready. As we waited for the next contraction after everything was ready Lindsey was... Hangin out and broke the tension with a comedic "how's everyone doing" good move Lindsey. Then the next contraction started and it was go time! She pushed for about 5 counts of 10 and then there he was, tiny little Griffin. The Dr. commented on how small he was and Lindsey brushed it off as All babies are small, until the nurse announced 5lbs 1oz then she thought he is really small. Everything looked great, just small. Thank Heaven.

The Red line is the heart rate. The blue is the contractions

No, I am not cutting her I.V. I am cutting the cord

Welcome to the World buddy

First and only MUG shot Ever!

First bath, I feel the same way when I have to bathe.

Must be mine, I hate putting clothes on too

Having Some Mom Time

Hangin Out

This Long Post is Making Me Tired

I'm Outta Here Man

Monday, October 12, 2009


Griffin Patrick South
Born 10-2-09 5lbs. 1 oz

Mom and Baby are both healthy. We are all looking forward to this new ADVENTURE!