Friday, October 18, 2013


Some girls from the neighborhood and I took our 2-year-olds and spent the morning at Cornbelly's at Thanksgiving Point.  These little kiddos have soooo much energy!

This is just what it looks like... a huge house of corn to roll around and play in.

Look at those cute little knights!
Here are is our whole clan!  Luke, Kelsey, Kade, Hadley, Torrey, Diane and Tristan

A good time was had by all!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Griffin's Fourth Birthday

I really wish that time would stop.  It is so crazy that this little boy made me a momma 4 years ago!  He is so amazing!

This picture was taken after church.  He gave the prayer in sharing time, he was the spotlight (that's where the crown came from) and they sang happy birthday to him!
The 3 things that I wrote about Griffin for the spotlight were
1. Griffin loves music and always wants to be listening to something
2. Griffin loves to be outdoors.  He especially loves to go up in the canyon and look at waterfalls.
3.  Griffin can wink with both eyes and go cross eyed.
While I was sitting at the back of the primary room waiting to help Griffin with the prayer he kept winking at me and it made my heart melt.  

Griffin loves to pretend that he is a wolf.  He makes me refer to him as wolf and he is always running around the house on his hands and feet!  He's really fast too!  He loves to look for the moon and howl at it. 
So, it seemed only fitting to have a wolf themed birthday party.

 Here he is before preschool.  He was so excited to have chocolate donuts with sprinkles for his class on his birthday.

This is the wolf cake that looks more like a dog, but Griffin loved it!

We had our families and a few friends over for cake and ice cream and it was a great time!