Thursday, February 11, 2010


Griffin is four months old! Here are his stats:
10 lbs. 9.5 oz
22 3/4 inches long
3rd percentile
He is a good little eater. I thought for sure that he would be over eleven pounds. Oh well. He is super healthy and a great little baby. Unfortunately since he is small the doctor advised me not to stop the middle of the night feeding. Why would I want to sleep through the night when I could hang out with this little babe? He's so completely worth it!

Monday, February 1, 2010


Without Griffin that is...

As you can see we were excited and scared all at the same time! Since it was our first date we didn't want to start by "pairing off" so we thought we'd go skiing with as many of the South gang as possible.

We spent the whole day skiing at Sundance.

I have to admit that I felt really guilty for leaving Griffin on a day when I could have been home with him. But it was good for Marc and I to get out again. When we dropped him off we got in the car, looked at our empty backseat and then looked at each other. Marc said, "Something's missing." It was weird to be going somewhere together without Griffin. Once we adjusted to the fact the we were alone we had a blast. We wanted this date to be special so we started out with breakfast from McDonalds. Following breakfast I pumped in the car on the way up the canyon. Doesn't that just sound like the picture of romance?