Monday, June 23, 2014

Luke's 3rd Birthday

So this guy turned three!  He is full of personality and fierceness and is so stubborn and hilarious!

Luke starting out his birthday with a cold (still frozen) chocolate chip waffle and an attitude!  Yes it is June 23rd and yes those are Christmas PJ's or as we call them "Jingle Jammies."  They are his favorite and they are way too small!
We sang to him and he got to open one present before dad headed out to work.  He got a batman toy that he LOVES!
I put the bow on his head since technically he was a present to me 3 years ago!
Luke's Birthday also happened to be my first day alone with all three boys.  I tried to make it fun... But I was also trying to balance my new life as a mom of 3.  We played in the backyard in the water and I even let them drench me with their water guns.  While they were playing I made a cake and cupcakes.  Luke requested a pink cake with sprinklers (sprinkles).   I do not make cakes so the following picture is my sad attempt at making a birthday cake. 

Luke loves the "mean robot" from The Incredibles.  It is not pink or orange, but this picture that dad drew was so I think that is where his request came from for a pink cake with orange sprinkles.
Goof Balls!  I let them have an early cupcake.
After playing in the water it was time for the lunch of champions!  Oh hey, little Ez sleepin in the background!
That night we had a few family members over for cake and ice cream.  We were lucky to have Steph and the boys here visiting from Kentucky!  He was spoiled with great gifts and great company.

And Finally on to the cake and ice cream!