Friday, October 31, 2008

It's was a dirty job, and he did it!

Well the next step in our destruction was the ceiling. It was sooooo nasty. Marc started by making a hole in the ceiling and then sucking out the old DIRTY insulation.

We're almost finished DEstructing this room, I can't wait to start CONstructing!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Today I Went a Teensy Bit Crazy...

It all started when I decided that I was gonna clean out this room

So I did. Looks great right?

Well then I decided that I'd get rid of this wall

So I did

And this wall

And then I decided that the carpet had to go and I found this

linoleum on top of wood floor. So of course THAT had to go.

And then, wood paneling on the walls... seriously?

Ok, pink walls are worse than the paneling.

Let's just get down to business

So I went from this ...............................To this!

It was kinda fun and somewhat therapeutic to slam a hammer into the wall over and over again!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

I think that I'm gonna start eating all my blueberries like this. I'll burn a ton of calories!

Zucchini Anyone?

We grew this ginormous Zucchini in our garden. We didn't let it get this large on purpose. It was hiding underneath everything. So, Marc thought it would be funny to leave it on our neighbors doorstep and run.

Well, they retaliated...

I came home from work to find this on our doorstep, holding this note:

My parents abandoned me two days ago. I finally found my way home. I'm so happy, you can see it in my face! I have Lindsey's eyes and Marc's great smile and skin color! I've missed you guys so much. I missed Ruka even though she peed on me in the garden. Take care of me this time, and snuggle with me often.


Sue Keeny

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

say it ain't weezer


-bought tickets on KSL (that were fake)
-filed a police report (along with about 50 other people)
-luckily got to sit in a suite with our sweet friends
-got hooked up with wristbands for the floor
-witnessed a parapalegic, crowdsurfing... in his wheelchair
-sang/screamed our hearts out

-rocked on with our socks on

I owe my love for this band to you Em! Thanks for the summer of 7th grade, and the blue album on repeat...