Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Joy School at the Farm

To celebrate a few fun months of Joy School we decided to go out for a little celebration to start our summer.  We met up with the other boy's and mom's at the Thanksgiving Point Farm. 

 Griff chose to wear his admission sticker on his head--trend setter...

My heart is a little sad that our joy school adventure is over.  These boys are so sweet and it has been so fun getting to know them!  I know that there will be many fun adventures ahead!
Colton, Stockton, Chase and Griffin

Sunday, May 26, 2013

All Aboard!


We took the boys to "A Day Out with Thomas."  When we told Griffin where we were going, he immediately said, "Is he gonna blow his whistle?  I don't want him to blow his whistle!"  Griffin does NOT like loud noises.  He was so worked up and worried about Thomas blowing his whistle, I was worried that he wasn't going to have any fun.  

Luckily, once he saw Thomas and we were actually getting on the train he got really excited!

 Unfortunately, the 20 minutes from the time that we boarded the train to the time that it actually started moving, felt like and eternity.

Popcorn was a saving grace for Luke

Self portraits entertained him for a minute...


and waiting

and waiting!

And finally we started moving!
The train moved very slowly and lasted about 20 minutes.  
Thomas did blow his whistle but we were far enough away that it wasn't ear piercing and Griffin actually loved hearing it!

Griff also loved playing in the train table tent.  We had to tear him away from it to do anything else.  For this same reason he begs to go inside the car wash to play on their train table and we set up track after track at home.  He also knows how to look up trains on YouTube on our phones...  It's getting a little out of hand!  But I'm cherishing his love for something so innocent in this crazy world!

It was great to share this fun day with our boys!   I hope that Griffin will remember it!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Griffin's First Dental Visit

A couple of weeks before the appointment I told Griffin that we were going to go see Aunt Missy so that she could look at his teeth and help him brush them.  I don't know where he got it from but he was nervous right away.  He asked if she was going to wear gloves and was super freaked out about it.  Since we drive all the way to Santaquin we had a long time to talk about it but his nerves never subsided.  

He wouldn't even let her get anywhere near his mouth until I sat in the chair and he sat on my lap.  Then it was smooth sailing.  He let her count them, clean them and we even got x-rays!  

And, Hooray!  NO CAVITIES!!!

I am thrilled that we made it through and it was a success!  Thanks Miss, You're the best!